27 Best Go Launcher Themes for Android

It’s very simple and easy to apply Go Launcher Ex themes on your Android. Just follow the steps bellow and apply your favorite theme, then you’re done.


1. Miracle GO Launcher Theme

2. My Youth GO Launcher Theme

3. White Soul GO Launcher Theme

4. CYANOGEN GO Launcher EX Theme

5. Glass GO Launcher Theme

6. Lion GO Launcher Theme

7. Dark Zero GO Launcher Theme

8. GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme

9. Neon Blue GO Launcher Theme

10. Pale GO Launcher Theme

11. Firefly GO Launcher Theme

12. Tonight GO Launcher Theme

13. Pinky Cat GO Launcher Theme

14. Shadow Theme Go Launcher EX

15. Funny Flat GO Launcher Theme

16. Calm GO Launcher Theme

17.Black Elf GO Launcher Theme

18. Honeycomb GO Launcher EX Theme

19. Forest GO Launcher EX Them

20. Eternally GO Launcher Theme

21. Plate Theme 4 GO Launcher EX

22. Milky Way GO Launcher Theme

23. Life time go launcher theme

24. GLASS GO Launcher EX Theme

25. Water Drops GO Theme

26. Sweet love GO Launcher Theme

27. Good Night GO Launcher Theme

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Go Launcher EX Individualized Topics

Go Launcher EX has appeared with the UI and UX completely new. Enjoy the app experience for mobile theme is completely new, simple and smart. Let’s start customizing the look and feel your way.



Free features – Go Panel help add features commonly used with 1 click (New) – More than 10,000 personalized themes (growing) – Effects ultra-smooth flip and turn the page – More than 25 page transition effects gorgeous – Over 15 free widgets (weather, clock, switch, calendar …) – Open gesture application

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How To Return The Default Launcher On Android Smartphones

Surely during use, you have to install 1 Go Launcher app from CH Fair Play. And the event, once you have installed one other Launcher, how to return to the factory default Go Launcher, Launcher if there is no function Exit.

First, you go to the settings by swiping down from the edge of the screen or from the home screen, select Menu and select Settings.


Source: https://golauncherblog.wordpress.com/

In Settings, choose Applications.

Swipe left to turn over cards All. Find and select Go Launcher installed on.

Next, you select Delete the default.

Then you press the Home key to return to the main screen, this time, the phone will appear a dialog box as shown below. You just select the machine’s default launcher and select Always.

Now that you have returned to the factory default launcher already.

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Go Launcher Way Removed From Android Devices

Go Launcher status removed from the Android device but remain on the current interface without removing Go Launcher as happened to many people that do not know how to remove thoroughly how, today 9Mobi.vn please guide you deleting this interface:



Source: https://golauncherblog.wordpress.com/
Step 1: Go to the Settings (Settings)
Step 2: Scroll down and select Security.

Go Launcher install removed from the machine

Step 3: Continue to select the device manager.
Step 4: In Section One-click Screen Lock press leave traces.
Go Launcher how to delete?
Step 5: A message asking for confirmation to uninstall it pops up, you click Off to agree.

Step 6: Uninstall applications Go Launcher as normal as you’ve come back to be with the default interface on the computer.

Thus we guide you how to uninstall the application completely Go Launcher from your device, in addition to use apps don clutter and frees up ram is very efficient Clean Master.

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Go Launcher Android

Go Launcher Z (Go Launcher EX) owns a huge wallpaper collection, with more than 10,000 photos are categorized into various topics such as love, travel, landscape, city, creative. … All the wallpapers are designed with HD quality and very sharp. Users can share photos to your friends and change the wallpaper easily. In addition to using even the wallpaper is available, Go Launcher Z (Go Launcher EX) is integrated collections through download wallpapers respective application packages via Google Play (free), gives users a wide range of choices when changing the interface.



Go Launcher Z (Go Launcher EX) provides 16 effects scrolling, allowing users to arbitrary change at will.

Currently, Go Launcher Z (Go Launcher EX) includes two versions and free of charge. Interested users can upgrade to the Prime with many more exciting features like removing ads that appear in applications, add 6 animations, supporting security key data and more personal.

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Download Go Launcher

Go Launcher is the most popular applications on the Android Market. It supports customized decoration, theme, using its experience smooth operation and practical utility. Go Launcher brings you new and special experience when using mobile phones.

Source: https://golauncherblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/download-go-launcher/

The latest features of Go Launcher for Android:

– Improvements to deserve the title of “world’s most beautiful Launcher”.

– Reduce the amount of 70% set, consuming less memory, runs faster.

– Search for local data and online information easier.

– Experience with multiple service cards with useful information.

– Filter wallpaper will decorate your home screen.

– Touch hold the home screen to access the settings.

– Fixed other minor bugs.

– Thousands of free themes.

– These widgets, such as Go Calendar, Task Manager and Go Clock Go.

– You will absolutely love when switching home screens.

– Smoother interface.

– Users can define a folder to easily categorize apps.

– Set icon sorting, hide app icon and uninstall apps.

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